1- Good national manager
2- The top five management of the country
3. An excellent national production
4. The sample exporter of the country 96 and 97
5- The sample exporting in the province 95
6. Member of the Assembly of Entrepreneurs of the country
7. Member of the National Perspective
8. Holder of the excellent managerial excellence in management of the country

9. Receiving certificate of International Excellent Business Management from EDMONTON UNIVERSITY.

10. Receiving The Asia Pacific Management Association Secretariat from InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2018

11. Receiving Best manager of 2017 from Ticket Academy Germany.

12. Member of the Iranian Experts Association
13. The main member of the Knowledge Management Council of Iran
14. Member of MBA
15. IGP UK and business intelligence
16. Encouragement from the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran