Introduction of company

MOM BETON Company has been established as a reputable and leading company in providing technical and engineering services in civil projects of country in 2012

Using a team of experts in management and engineering sections, this company has implemented and completed significant projects especially in the road construction industry of country and by applying the experience caused by various projects and new executive methods could develop the scope of its activities in the field of EPC projects.

Having ISO 9001 Certificate in the field of quality management and also using the high technical powers of its experts, this company could establish significant developments in entire internal structures including designing & implementing, control and quality guarantee, IMS (Integrated Management System) in the field of deployment of job safety and health system and observing environmental issues in all the projects, utilizing the equipment, machinery, production and consumption of constructional and road construction material.

Development of executive and technical capacities exposed different scopes for commissioning design and implementation affairs to this company that are introduced as below:

1. Highway construction, modification and cold recycling, pavement and soil stabilization

2. Construction of heavy technical buildings such as non-coplanar bridges and crossings

3. Construction of residential, office and commercial buildings

4. Soil improvement and strengthening the ground with dynamic consolidation methods, implementation of piles of stone pillar

5. Construction of subway lines and related structures to subway stations and underground utilities

6. Implementation of special foundations, bored piles, making and driven of precast piles and sheet pile

7. Soil stabilization operations, slope of trenches and wall of excavations

Quality Policy

Mom Beton Engineering Company has been registered in 2012 for implementing road construction and constructional projects and started its activity in the scope of presenting technical and engineering services related to the civil projects.

Policy of the company is to move forward the long term success of the organization in execution of civil projects with the objective of getting satisfaction of people as the direct users of utilized projects by performing the below measures:

1. Improving the ranking system of company by employing advanced technologies and recruiting efficient human resources and their training in technical and management levels

2. Achieving satisfaction and trust of employers, with an emphasis on scientific and technical standards and administrative procedures

3. Creating ethical and professional commitment by honoring the staff – participation in decision-making and enhancing their quality of life

4. Prevention from materials waste and management of energy and materials consumption

5. Striving for continuous improvement in the qualitative and quantitative results of the executive plans by modification of processes with a focus on information technology

6. Adherence to the strict implementation of the projects according to agreed schedules and quality of contract

Health & Safety Policy

1. Observing legal and contractual requirements of employer related to health, safety and environmental regulations of the job that are applicable in the scope of activity of company by observing standards of product’s quality

2. Prevention from environmental pollution and reducing risks caused by activities to an acceptable level to protect the environment and occupied human resources for fulfilling the sustainable development

3. Monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of the health, safety and the environment through determining operational, training, assessments and audits standards

4. Receiving & analyzing regular information which leads to accidents, illnesses and injuries in the company so that by focusing and controlling the causes of these injuries reduce the risk of their incidence.

5. Education and use of professional knowledge of staff in order to promote a safe and risk-free culture and Inform staff about the issues that endanger their health and safety

6. Teaching contractors and their contractual requirements to observe the requirements developed by the company in relation to health, safety and environmental regulations

7. Closing down the work by safety, health and environmental officials of company in case of facing high intensity and average dangers

8. Supporting studies and practical – applied research and using new and updated technologies in conjunction with the health, safety and environment affairs